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A Small Diary June 24, 2008

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Hi everyone! We meet again…Do you like to keep a diary. For me, a diary s a daily record of events. Moreover, I like to write something in a diary. In keeping a diary I can enjoy a greater degree of freedom. A diary can thus from a very valuable record of ur experience.

Honestly, I have minus in oral speech or discussion. I have difficulties in speaking fluently, start the discussion and I’m not spontaneous one. Beside this weakness, I’m too soft hearted and not dare to see someone hurt and offended by what I’m say. I got educations about religion since I was a little girl. It can be said that my family is religious one, care about religion..Alhamdulillah. Many religious books in my house and as a book lover, I like to read them. Actually, I miss Egypt a lot. I was studying in Egypt for 2 years but I’m not finished my degree there because of my health situation. I have an intention that one day I must come back to Egypt again.

I love to learn more about language. I want to be Jack of all trades, master of one not Jack of all trades, master of none. I want to further my study until phD..Insyaallah..


Hello world! February 10, 2008

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